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M E D I C A L   R E S O N A N C E  T H E R A P Y   M U S I C®     a product of the Micro Music Laboratories®
leading medicine into the future

application of the natural harmony laws of the microcosm of music in favour of health


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Dr. med. I. Lazaroff
talking to russian collegues

Dr. med.
R. Shimshoni
Medical Director

Dr. med.
I. Lazaroff


We are pleased to hear that various health insurances are considering including medical preparations of Medical Resonance Therapy Music in their productivity programme.

In the past years, we have been able to objectively verify the value of these medical musical preparations for neuro-dermititis and psoriasis patients during different studies, and as you well know, Medica Resonance Therapy Music nowadays constitutes a standard offer for our patients, which has proven to be a success.

Although there is still a lack of clarity in the individual active medical mechanisms, the positive effect as such is unquestionable.

The harmful effects of stress on different skin diseases are generally known in specialist dermatological circles. Therefore, the reduction of psycho-physiological manifestations of stress at the same time mean reduction of an important risk factor for neuro-dermititis and psoriasis.
And the stress reducing effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music have indeed even been medically acknowledged by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Seen from the viewpoint of reducing stress, the use of Medical Resonance Therapy Music is therefore very sensible in our field.

According to our experiences, the use of Hübner's Medical Resonance Therapy Music offers several advantages for the patients: thus e.g., in our clinic Medical Resonance Therapy Music is successfully used in the context of psychosomatic treatment.
The patients under this complex care distinguish themselves by a faster and more effective healing of affected skin, and the psychosomatic condition improves and stabilises.

We see a further advantage in the fact that, to maintain their health and/or for preventive use, in many still healthy persons and/or patients in a remission phase, the harmony of the biological functions can be preserved and, if necessary, strengthened by musical therapy, so that some of the causes which lead to a psychosomatic disorder and/or an eruption of neuro-dermatitis and psoriasis, can be better averted or come to terms with. By deliberately maintaining health and prevention, in many cases, these illnesses, which at present are spreading at an astronomical scale, and contribute to the social health care system becoming too expensive, cannot occur in the first place.

A small investment in health care could therefore help to avoid enormous costs for fighting diseases.

What is also in favour of Medical Resonance Therapy Music, are the seven years of medical research and clinical observation at reputabl medical institutions. The effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music are also well documented in numerous investigations.

And as far as the ratio of value for money is concerned with Medica Resonance Therapy Music, it compares more than favourably to other therapies with regard to health insurance companies. They can be really grateful that Mr Hübner and your publishing house have for years been so engaged in pursuing the development and research of this therapy in order to strengthen our health.

We wish you much success with your negotiations, and perhaps our present investigations and experiences with Medical Resonance Therapy Music will contribute to the health insurance companies making sound decisions.

Dr. med. R. Shimshoni
Medical Director

Dr. med. I. Lazaroff

about the founder of micro music laboratories
& the medical resonance therapy music®
about the founder of micro music laboratories
& the medical resonance therapy music®