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Peter Hübner
Music Creations

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M E D I C A L   R E S O N A N C E  T H E R A P Y   M U S I C®     a product of the Micro Music Laboratories®
leading medicine into the future

application of the natural harmony laws of the microcosm of music in favour of health


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Department of Endocrinology
of Reproduction and Adaption

Chief: Prof. A. G. REZNIKOV,
M. D., Ph. D., Prof.,
Member - Academy of Science
of the Ukraine

Prof. Dr. med.
Alexander Reznikov

Member of the Academy of Science of the Ukraine as well as of the Academy of Science of New York is one of the leading hormone researchers of the former Soviet- Union.
Since two decades he is the head of the laboratory for neurohor- monal control of reproduction at the famous research institute for neuroendocrinology in Kiew. This institute is also research part- ner of the World Health Organi- sation (WHO).

Professor Dr. Reznikov is author of several scientific books and a successful developer of drugs against cancer which yielded many high scientific awards and gave him an international reputation.

He is also a visiting professor at the University of Dallas in the United States and the University
of Toronto in Canada.

Prof. Dr. med.
Alexander Reznikov

"I started my investigations because I specially wanted to be able to make an objective statement about the effects of music and I investigated different criteria of different physiological functions. In detail this concerns the secretion of different hormones of the body, specially stress-hormones in the broadest sense. Moreover we investigated different elec- trical activities and other special para- meters. And we asked our patients about their subjective experiences too.

Until now we investigated three groups of patients. One group listened to the Medical Resonance Therapy Music of Peter Hübner, the second group listened to quiet music of Mozart and the third group did not listen to any music.
Here one has to know that the Medical Resonance Therapy Music of the composer Peter Hübner until now is the first and only music which is specially composed for medical purpose and in this follows the natural harmony laws of the microcosm of music.
The interesting thing with Peter Hübner's Medical Resonance Therapy Music was that the results did not depend on the taste of the investigated persons. Even if they did not like the music the testable reactions of the body were nevertheless positive. A fact which confirms that this music reinforces the natural health improving processes in man by the way of resonance. We could, for instance, observe how under the influence of Hübner's Medical Resonance Therapy Music some parameters of the vegetative nervous system changed. The hormone beta-endorphin for instance, a morphine which is produced by the body itself, comes near to its normal state through this music.

This means that the music has a harmonizing effect. Headache for example improved, sleep became deeper and the patients simply felt better after the therapy with this music. Other patients showed improvements in memory, concentration and orientation and a decrease of nervousness. Under the influence of Mozart's music however it came to an activation of different processes of the body which were opposite to the process of relaxation.
Applying the Medical Resonance Therapy Music of Peter Hübner we found a harmonization of the opioid-system: an explanation for the relief of pain and the healthier sleep of many patients. Opioids are substances in our body which one could call the opium which the body produces itself. This explains also why many patients feel much better during and after listening to the music.
And also we could observe that the success of the music is completely independent of the musical and general education of the patient.

Very impressive were our investigation with mothers during labour.
We investigated mothers in delivery who were listening to the music during labour and we could observe that the child in the womb of the mother calmed down so much that it seemed to sleep.

Nobody had expected this. This is a very positive effect because the harmonization of the mother and the child by the music is not only a relief for the mother; it also counteracts a birth-trauma of the child which, as you may know, today is made responsible for many later disorders of the child.
What impressed us too is the fact that the strength of the mother during labour increases significantly, on an average of 75%! This counteracts a possible and dangerous weakness during delivery.
We do know that these effects occur but we do not yet know what happens in detail and this we want to find out in our further research. Concerning the influence of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music on the human organism probably the most important aspect is the completely natural structure of this music.
It strictly adheres to the natural harmony laws of the microcosm of music and - if we follow the statements of ancient systems of medicine - these laws govern biological life too.
The positive effects of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music for healthy persons lie in its strength to counteract stress-factors in the body. And I think this is a very useful thing in our time; therefore also myself and my family use this music. Due to stress many people have a bad sleep for instance or feel headache, can not concentrate or have many other general health problems. Here the Medical Resonance Therapy Music can do a very good job: everybody can deeply relax with it and gain an effective distance from a stressful day."

about the founder of micro music laboratories
& the medical resonance therapy music®
about the founder of micro music laboratories
& the medical resonance therapy music®