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Musical Creator and Music Listener in the Musical Cognition of Truth

The Cognitive Tools of the Music Listener – The Formative Tools of the Musical Creator


Music –
the Unlimited Dynamic Field of Absolute Life


Music – the Holy Fountain of Human Fulfilment



The World of the Musical Sacrifice


The Integrated Musical Cognition of Truth of the Genuine Musician


Contradiction to Fundamental Truths
in the Musical Gaining of Knowledge

For us, the role of the music listener and the function of the musical creator result in two completely opposed paths:

As music listeners we regard our feeling and our under-standing as our tools of cognition, and in that sense we use them in our process of our gaining knowledge in music.
As music creators, from the level of pure self-awareness, we regard the very same tools – which are in full function within us this time – mainly as our tools of forming.
Thus, in terms of our position as listeners and of our standpoint as music creators, a highly contradictory personal view of the phenomenon of music results.

As a musical creator we perceive music as the unlimited, dynamic field of absolute life, of our own life, but also of cosmic life in general, and we consider it our individual achievement to draw from an inexhaustible ringing well and spray the pure, reverberating waters in a myriad of droplets into the world of the listeners to enliven them.

As music listeners, however, we see the purpose of music quite differently.
In our lives we enjoy ourselves skilfully gathering those skilfully effused vibrating drops and collecting them into the thirsty mouth of our musical knowing, to enjoy the marvellous refreshing spring from the holy well of musical truth, and to feast on its precious drink.

Now we realize that the apparent contradiction of these so different positions towards music of the musical creator and of the music listener is founded on the principle of give and take.
It accounts for the charm of musical life, and turns out to be the true musical sacrifice.

Therefore, we must assume that the classical sound artist has already reached in himself the integration of these two processes, that he experiences them simultaneously, and that he wants his listener to have this complete experience, too.

Therefore, then, can he create true music.







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Equivocation Due to
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Equivocation through
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