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The Absolute Reali-ty of Music beyond Space and Time



The Creative Path
of Musical Specification




Lights on the Way to Musical Knowledge



of the Musical Force-Fields

Equivocation through Deducing
the Form from the Meaning

Having reached the absolute musical force-field of the harmony, we realized that the actual reality of music exists beyond space and time.
And from this new standpoint we found the relative musical process of evolution in space and time to be a more or less exact, yet limited reflection of this universal musical-dynamic reality.

And as we become creative out of this state of pure self- awareness in a natural and spontaneous manner, and as our creative potential expands in a free flow of thought from the absolute musical level of the harmony to the relative spaces of the sequences, motifs, and tones, then we carry in a very natural manner the absolute meaning, which we found in the harmony, like sparks of an immeasurable glow into the relative world of music.
We are sure: we compose.

It is these sparks which then safely guide the listener, who still stands at the beginning of his relative musical process of knowing and who strives for the knowledge of higher truth, through the relative musical force-fields of the musical sound-space, of the motifs, and of the sequences, and into the absolute musical world of the harmony, and which systematically put him into the position of a musical creator.

Thus, as musical creators, we very naturally deduce from the meaning of music without space and time, to the form of music within space and time, and we know meaning and form one after the other – i.e. separate from each other in time.

With respect to the music listener, however, the sequence is reversed.








a useful connection
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P E T E R   H Ü B N E R  –  N AT U R A L   M U S I C   H E A R I N G





Equivocation Due to
Separateness of
Meaning and Form

The Dual Musical Truth

Equivocation through
Deducing the Meaning
from the Form

Equivocation through
Deducing the Form
from the Meaning

Superficial Deduction

The System
of the Creative Process in Music

to Fundamental Truths
in the Musical
Gaining of Knowledge