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How Our Ancestors Used Language


The High Significance of Speech With Our Ancestors


The Art of Poetry of Our Ancestors

The Means of Our Ancestors to Master the Environment

Our Ancestors as Poets


Poetry as the Great Testimony of Their Power

On the one hand, our ancestors employed speech for the needs of their day-to-day life, and for communicating with one another just as we do; but, on the other hand, we know today that they attributed an incomparatively higher value to the word that was thought within and to the word that was spoken outside than we do today.

Therefore, the art of poetry was the high skill of our ancestors, and it was so intimately interwoven with the creation of music that, from our present view, we can hardly separate the one from the other.

Creating speech, creating words, mastering the inner and outer process of articulation, self-realization related to it, self-control, and furthermore, mastery over the environment, were considered high ideals by our ancestors.

Therefore, our ancestors were great creators of language, and their poetry is the gigantic testimony of this power. Their mastery over the process of self-cognition as well as over the principles of forming language is clearly reflected in the ancient records – no matter how incomplete they may be preserved.

Despite the ravages of time enough is left of the ancient records that even today we may still retrace the entire knowledge layed out in this book, provided we know how to read their symbols and interpret their explanations.







The Superiority of Music over the Language of Today

Fundamental Research

The Organ of Speech

The Smithy of Thought

Sovereignty over
Bound and Free


The Dimension of
Creative Unfoldment

Control over the World
of Thinking

Content and Form,
Meaning and Structure

The Share of the
Senses of Perception
in the Process of
Gaining Knowledge

The Language of Music

How Our Ancestors
Used Language

Conclusions from the
Ancient Records

The Legacy of Our

The Task Set by
Our Ancestors



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