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The True Field of Science in Music
Music beyond the Insights of Humanities and Natural Sciences


The Effect of Music in the Field of the Humanities

The Philosophy
of Music

The Holistic Musical Gaining
of Knowledge


The Power of Musical Expression






Levels of Knowl-edge in Music

Since music as such – the aspect of pure music in the sounding event – from inside never goes beyond the mind and also, strictly speaking, never reaches the mind since the mind only represents the outermost boundary of music, one may state that pure music, by its true nature, is not even a part of the humanities but belongs to the field of the science of the self, the science of the core of human life, or at least to the field of the science of the intellect.

However, the mind in the form of the musical sound-space represents the outermost boundary of music, just as smoke represents the outermost boundary of fire; and in that respect at least the effect of music belongs to the field of humanities.

The philosophy of music has its basis in the music lover – in his personal love for music. Since music is able to describe the subjective and the objective reality, it is able to express truth.

Therefore, it is actually man's love of truth that makes music so attractive to him, because the language of music, and with it the musical description of truth through the musical artist – but also the musical gaining knowledge by the listener – is much more complete than any other consideration of reality in common human language, not to speak of actually gaining knowlegde through our colloquial language.

Because of the power of its expression the musical description of the reality of our life appeals to our feeling much more than common speech, and moreover, because of the complexity of its flow of information, the language of music is able to satisfy the understanding in its search for truth much more profoundly than the spoken word.

"Music is greater revelation
than all wisdom and
all philosophy."


Moreover, the process of abstraction of any mental-spiritual impressions, as well as the process of making them concrete, can be mastered systematically and completely through the means of music.

Therefore, a great art of gaining inner and outer knowledge lies hidden in music.




The Scope of the
Science of Music

The Inner Breath
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The Function of the
Inner Breath in Music

The Scientific Aspect
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The Perfect Musical

The Twofold System
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The Aspect of Humanities in Music

The True Field of
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